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No more secrets

by davesandel on December 21st, 2011

Luke 1:39-45

         Mary traveled to the hill country in haste, entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth … who exclaimed to Mary, “Blessed are you who believed that was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”

Mary knew just where to go.  How?  She opened her eyes in the morning and knew.  When her thought resonated with “perfect pitch,” she knew beyond her own knowing.  And then she set off immediately and traveled with haste.  She couldn’t wait to get to Elizabeth, to be with Elizabeth.  And she was not disappointed.

When a deep place in me has been touched and sparks fly, I can’t wait to talk to Margaret.  I have an aunt two thousand miles away with whom I often feel unspoken kinship.  For many years there has been a safe-ness wholly present when I am with my mother, as it was with my dad and my Aunt Mary.

These relationships are special.  Knowing they are present in my life blesses me when I go out and blesses me when I come in.  They are my confessors, confidants, encouragers, pray-ers, confronters.  Without them I would not be alone; I would be lonely.

I don’t always share everything.  Fear intervenes.  When I am silent and shouldn’t be, fear gets stronger and then even with my safe people, I’m lonely.  The fear infects my time with Jesus.  I withdraw from the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I might watch God weeping for me, but only from a distance.  I am afraid.

Mary … in her innocence she forgot to be afraid.  She only knew the dawn breaking meant she had to set out to see Elizabeth.  Go.  Now.

My soul waits for you, Lord.  You are my help and my shield.  In you my heart rejoices, in your holy name I trust.  Let me live and speak free from fear.

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