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Complete list of January 2021 Daily Devotions with links

by davesandel on January 11th, 2022

Complete list of December 2021 Daily Devotions with links

1/1       Courageous obedience

1/2       So now children, remain

1/3       The joy of our becoming

1/4       Active, loving, serving life

1/5       Five loaves, two fish and a blue wolf dog

1/6       Loving God, loving each other

1/7       Instructions for living life

1/8       Durable, undomesticated holiness

1/9       How to have a conversation

1/10     Down to the river

1/11     Let us commit unrecognized acts of imagination

1/12     How Christmas was different in 2020

1/13     One thing after another

1/14     Fruit of God’s spirit

1/15     Listen to the warm

1/16     Sort the stones, bake the bread

1/17     Do not restrain your lips

1/18     Kindness Day

1/19     Haiku for every day of December

1/20     Inauguration Day

1/21     Cinema paradiso

1/22     Life together

1/23     Healing in the tabernacle

1/24     Follow the red rooster

1/25     My story, our story, The Story

1/26     Three questions to live by

1/27     Listen to the grass, growing

1/28     Into the deep

1/29     And God is happy

1/30     In the shelter of our Abba

1/31     Stick to God like glue

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