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Haiku for every day of July 2022

by davesandel on July 31st, 2022

Haiku for every day of July 2022


July 1

Sweet maple sirup (that’s how they spell it at Funks’ Grove)

Much Ado About Nothing

Watch our friend Henson


July 2

Sit on front porch with

Dave and Cheryle, letting the

Big World come to them


Sunday July 3

Christian’s sweet guitar

Big worship at the Vineyard

Loud and strong and clear


July 4

Marlene in Waynesville

Such good friend from long ago

And we get hugs!


 July 5

Rotator cuff tear

Soft touch: Sewan Lee, P.T.

School in Buffalo

July 6

Jack, Aly, driving

Oishi, Marc, teppanyaki

Bowl at Old Orchard


July 7

Dr. Kim, P.C.

Helping Margaret so much

And they talk of God


July 8

Genius at Ewing Manor

In the grass, the play’s the thing

Henson’s eighth King Lear


July 9

Aunt Vera made lunch

92 and doing great

Dad’s oldest sister


Sunday July 10

You are now enter-

(Waynesville Church, then Country Aire)

-ing the mission field (sign above doors since 1988)


July 11

Sit at Bunny’s bar

Watch Marc care for ev’ryone

Bartending with joy


July 12

Chinatown with Jim

And a movie by myself:

Top Gun: Maverick


July 13

Plancha! Carbon steel

Marc helped make burgers, tuna

Right on top of grill


July 14

Pam from Cave-in-Rock

Dinner at Rainbow Garden

Such good stories!


July 15

Spurlock museum

With Pam, worldwide culture show

Bunny’s for dinner


July 16

And today, the art!

Krannert: “The Blind,” Stringfellow:

“I was never mad.”


Sunday July 17

Chris preached at West Side

Great for us to all be there

Jack plays volleyball


July 18

Margaret, Pam left

yesterday for Evansville

Jack drove in country


July 19

Their new-used golf cart

Just to drive around the town

Aly’s pretty cool


July 20

Quonset hut diner

Charlie Parker’s huge pancakes

Eat 4 – get them free!


July 21

Krannert Uncorked, from

Zimbabwe, singing, dancing

Then sweet Broadway songs


July 22

High School Musical

Play at the Virginia

Watch Sophia act!


July 23

Laura by for lunch

And installed a safety lock

She does everything!


Sunday July 24

Look at her again …

Surprise! High school friend at church

eyes light up – big smiles


July 25

Marv, Dyke and the boys

This music’s for the old guy

It always will be


July 26

Fairgrounds – heifer show

Corral filled with red ponies

Just in from Texas


July 27

Farmer’s overalls

Crickets singing all night long

Apple Dumpling smiles


July 28

Music on Stage 6

Cross-legged Jim Braun’s guitar

Krannert comfort folk


July 29

P.T. is over

Feldenkrais book to Sewan

His hands have a gift


July 30

Tried to start wood fire

No luck, loaded up the car

Urbana days, over


Sunday July 31

I leave for Austin

Tomorrow – let this place go

On Jasper’s birthday!

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