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Night music

by davesandel on June 26th, 2010

Talk with me about

what we don’t know

Show me something you feel safe to show at first

And I will not betray you

Let me go a little deeper, and go with me there

to better questions than I knew I had

And then to yours, and back to mine again …

Till our answers

Satisfy and bless

Satisfy and bless


Could the words I want be waiting for the night, for silence all around and peace?

Could they now?

Will they show themselves only after midnight

Sharing space with single lamp and scratching pen

In all the open air

Those few short hours sweeten the rest

Those all-night late-night darkest hours

What could they mean to my urgent self

So much …

In their profound silence God’s deep calls to mine.

When I breathe in this oxygen of eternity

My life between dawn and dusk shapes and sustains itself

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