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Says who?

by davesandel on December 16th, 2011

John 5:34-36

         Jesus said, “I do not accept testimony from a human being … The works that the Father gave me to accomplish, these works that I perform testify on my behalf that the Father has sent me.”

Jesus extends his Father’s love in giant armfuls to anyone who asks, and the result is healing after healing, forgiveness of sin, food for all, and living water in the mouths of those who will open them up to drink.  Is that testimony enough?

Jesus knows it is, and that he will be rejected anyway.  The people into whom he is born see him as one of themselves, as a “human being,” and they too don’t accept testimony about God from human beings.

Jesus learned this skepticism at the feet of Jewish scribes, his teachers as a boy.  How could they think a man, no matter how wise, would know God as his father?  Taught by them to wait for God’s revelation and not listen to man, Jesus nevertheless challenges them now by saying he himself IS that revelation.  He is the anointed one.

God comes to his people through one of their own.  The prophecies of Isaiah can easily be turned to this meaning, if they would just open up their ears.

Jesus read from Isaiah’s scroll to begin his ministry.  He continues by fulfilling each of the promises that he read.  He proclaims the year of Jubilee.  God announces, “All debts are forgiven!”

Jesus offers his people, God’s people, a garment of praise for their spirit of heaviness.  The messiah, he has come.  The Christ, he is one of you.  Look.  Listen.  He is here.

Jesus, you said that we must become like little children to know you.  That hasn’t changed a bit.  So let me be little and not so big, weak and not so strong, foolish and not so wise.  Everything there is for me you hold loosely in your arms, offering, waiting for me to say, “Yes.”







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