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 The complete list of 2021 Devotions (with links)

by davesandel on January 11th, 2022

 The complete list of 2021 Devotions (with links)



1/1       Courageous obedience

1/2       So now children, remain

1/3       The joy of our becoming

1/4       Active, loving, serving life

1/5       Five loaves, two fish and a blue wolf dog

1/6       Loving God, loving each other

1/7       Instructions for living life

1/8       Durable, undomesticated holiness

1/9       How to have a conversation

1/10     Down to the river

1/11     Let us commit unrecognized acts of imagination

1/12     How Christmas was different in 2020

1/13     One thing after another

1/14     Fruit of God’s spirit

1/15     Listen to the warm

1/16     Sort the stones, bake the bread

1/17     Do not restrain your lips

1/18     Kindness Day

1/19     Haiku for every day of December

1/20     Inauguration Day

1/21     Cinema paradiso

1/22     Life together

1/23     Healing in the tabernacle

1/24     Follow the red rooster

1/25     My story, our story, The Story

1/26     Three questions to live by

1/27     Listen to the grass, growing

1/28     Into the deep

1/29     And God is happy

1/30     In the shelter of our Abba

1/31     Stick to God like glue



February 1      Listen to the God-breathed story

February 2      Tilting toward the sun

February 3      Nazarene nightmare, Nazarene dream

February 4      Take nothing for the journey

February 5      Hospitality behind a mask

February 6      Merely owning it can get you killed

February 7      More stories than could be written

February 8      Let there be, and let there be, and let there be

February 9      The seventh day

February 10    Free to eat

February 11    The name game

February 12    Death in the turning, and then life again

February 13    To dust you will return (Mardi Gras)

February 14    Cleanse me with hyssop

February 15    Haiku for every day of January 2021

February 16    Slip sliding away

February 17    Leave behind a blessing

February 18    West Texas blues

February 19    Count to four

February 20    I’m sorry … I love you

February 21    Songs in the desert

February 22    Simon, do you love me?

February 23    Catfish Parlour

February 24    Picnics in the sun

February 25    A morning walk with Esther

February 26    Crime and punishment

February 27    Weekend with our kids

February 28    Our days are just packed


MARCH 2021

March 1          If not love persevering

March 2          What have you ever lost by dying? 

March 3          You seduced me, Lord

March 4          A vanishing trail

March 5          Follow your dreams

March 6          Lean on me

                        Complete list of February 2021 Daily Devotions with links

March 7          God’s ten words

March 8          Sit before the Mystery

March 9          Space to live again

March 10         Six steps of forgiveness

March 11         Listening in on a stirring conversation with General Jesus

March 12         Haiku for every day of February 2021

March 13         And on into eternity

March 14         We are all leaving now!

March 15         God is alive, magic is afoot

March 16         The best miracles

March 17         St. Patrick’s Day in the morning

March 18         Thinking about forever

March 19         Joy unspeakable

March 20         Guarding Jesus

March 21         Hot Springs past and present

March 22         O, what fools these mortals be!

March 23         Pizza under the trees

March 24         Riverrun, flow and flow, then pour into the sea

March 25         Worshipping in the Hill Country

March 26         Crazy cowboy country

March 27         Alone no longer

March 28         Dead man’s walk

March 29         Take and eat
March 30        
Track the story with your nose

March 31         Track the story with your tongue


APRIL 2021

April 1            Track the story with your hands and feet

April 2            Track the story with your eyes

April 3            Track the story with your ears

April 4 Easter Track the story with your spirit

April 5            The empty clear, clean egg

April 6            Andi is 35 years old today

April 7            Blowing in the wind

April 8            Mortar and pestle

April 9            Coming to the light

April 10          Tangled threads        

April 11 Sun   Following Thomas

April 12          Canyon whispers

April 13          Haiku for every day of March 2021

April 14          Tell all the truth but tell it slant

April 15          Darkness now, then light

April 16          Wait for the Lord with courage

April 17          Snow crab on Avondale

April 18 Sun   All aboard for the American tour

April 19          Stephen and the German immigrants

April 20          Falling into the arms of God

April 21          Putting my foot down

April 22          Let all the earth cry out to God with joy

April 23          In the morning when I rise

April 24          Deep peace in the beginning

April 25 Sun   Matins

April 26          Poetry in motion

April 27          Listen to the trumpet of Jesus

April 28          Menagerie

April 29          First time fishing

April 30          Traveling with Marc


MAY 2021

May 1              Among the wildflowers

Sun, May 2     And to him my soul shall live

May 3              Footsteps on the mountain

May 4              Peace in the valley

May 5              Straight into a large tree

May 6              Let’s go fly a kite

May 7              Seek Him out, settle into rest

May 8              Prison to praise

Sun, May 9     Acts of God

May 10            Sabbath

May 11            Haiku for every day of April 2021

May 12            In him we live and move and have our being

May 13            Why not fly

May 14            If you wish to encounter God, touch another person

May 15            Secrets in the hourglass

Sun, May 16   Scrupulosity: Caught up in the mirrors

May 17            Traveling through the interior

May 18            Place between worlds

May 19            Choose community

May 20            Discussions with God

May 21            Enforced solitude     

May 22            The Lord’s searching glance

Sun, May 23   Spring syrup

May 24            Choices that matter

May 25            Where does love go to hide

May 26            Good little Phil

May 27            What do you want me to do for you?

May 28            The glory of all his faithful

May 29            Live like a cicada: enter and exit singing

Sun, May 30   The simple life … now what ?

May 31            Memorial Day


JUNE 2021

June 1              Morning mass in Alabama   

June 2              Just sit there in the morning sun

June 3              A wedding ring

June 4              Traveling with angels

June 5              Write down all these things

Sun, June 6     Hospital

June 7              Reach inside and heal her heart

June 8              Going slow in room 350

June 9              Getting married all over again

June 10            Long-stemmed red rose

June 11            For this reason we kneel before the Father

June 12            Flying wolf and Spotted Feather

Sun, June 13   Scattering seed … and then the harvest

June 14            A very acceptable time for salvation

June 15            Give Margaret a soft and clean heart

June 16            Last day in Room 350

June 17            On the morning of Margaret’s surgery

June 18            Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

June 19            Flat down lying on her bed

Sun, June 20   Why are you afraid? Don’t you yet have faith?

June 21            No more breathing tube as the sun comes up in Austin

June 22            Quality time with Margaret

June 23            Margaret and the Commando Procedure

June 24            Margaret’s late night kiss from Jesus

June 25            Margaret refeathers her nest

June 26`          Cover Margaret’s heart pillow with signatures and blessings

Sun, June 27   Loving Margaret’s lymph vessels

June 28            We have to see sick people, and you don’t qualify!

June 29            Give us this day our daily breath

June 30            Angie’s 99th birthday is today!

June 30            Haiku for every day of May 2021

June 30            Haiku for every  day of June 2021

June 30            Complete list of June 2021 Daily Devotions with links


JULY 2021

July 1              Carrying the fire and the knife

July 2              Getting married, having children, the joy of the whole earth

July 3              Swimming in fifteen inches of water

Sun July 4       At least a little time with Audrey

July 5              Late night preachers and all night fireworks

July 6              “I’ll be here on discharge day”

July 7              Citizens of hospital culture

July 8              Seeing God, that’s my superpower

July 9              Miles and Jasper visit the hospital

July 10            It’s Blippi Day!

July 11            Take nothing with you for the journey

July 12            She’s in charge of celebrations

July 13            Listen for the voice of our Father

July 14            Margaret’s coming home on Saturday!

July 15            Getting to know our neighbors, who are leaving today

July 16            Smearing lamb’s blood on the hospital doorposts and lintel

July 17            Re-entry

July 18            The Lord is my shepherd

July 19            Breath of heaven

July 20            Meal train

July 21            We have company!

July 22            Loving our Lover

July 23            Silence, bourbon and the Ten Commandments

July 24            In your mercy, Lord

July 25            Let these gifts to us be blessed

July 26            Tender in the night

July 27            Thirsty in the tent of meeting

July 28            Get low, get down on God’s good footstool

July 29            Jasper is almost two!

July 30            God’s in charge of celebrations

July 31            Proclaim a jubilee!



August 1         THIS world is not our home

August 2         Be here now. Let’s play!

August 3         Jesus walking in storms

August 4         Put your hand in the hand of the man

August 5         Moses and Peter say too much, get in trouble, and come right back for more

August 6         Stand up on your feet so you can bow and then fall flat prostrate on the floor

August 7         Don’t look now, but you’re asleep!

August 8         Golden boy pays for his strawberries, and is happy

August 9         I can’t change without God

August 10       A few laughs out by the barbeque

August 11       Moses died high above the Jordan River … o rock a my soul

August 12       Learning to live in the Kingdom of heaven

August 13       Stand in silence up on the hill, living with my questions

August 14       Following trails left by the saints, who followed trails left by Jesus

August 15       Death comes for Sir Walter Wangerin

August 16       Storms and sun, the horizon clears

August 17       Late night adventures with Gideon and his mighty ten

August 18       Someone’s living and, o gosh, it’s me

August 19       Getting married for the forty-third time

August 20       Naomi and Ruth walk back to Bethlehem, and I want to feel the dusty they felt under their feet

August 21       Traveling among the saints

August 22       Bunked down in Rolla, curled up listening for Jesus

August 23       In which Aly Grace gets a necklace, we eat Illinois State Fair food, and ride the tram

August 24       Looking for Ezekiel

August 25       Spending the day with a houseful of living souls

August 26       Living and dying in the dark grass fields

August 27       Ribeyes in the rain with Marc

August 28       Augustine weeps, “Thou didst touch me, and I burned for thy peace”

August 29       How to feel your soul being saved

August 30       We who are alive will be caught up with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air

August 31       Sitting under the tree with Jonah, waiting for the sun

August 31       Haiku for every day of August 2021



September 1   Marc doesn’t waste a day

September 2   Boxfuls of Jasper and rainbow cheesecake too

September 3   The rings on the tree go round and round

September 4   Ripe fields for harvest

September 5   Stand up on those promises, hear the whispers of the wind

September 6   This body of Christ on earth

September 7   This man does all things well

September 8   When a woman loves a man

September 9   Prison wedding

September 10 Gravestones along the eternal road

September 11 Settling onto a good foundation

September 12 Walking in the slowly-getting-cooler Austin evening

September 13 Timothy reads a letter alone in the marketplace

September 14 Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight

September 15 The mystery of faith: out of sorrow rises joy

September 16 The days are just packed

September 17 Lay hold of eternal life

September 18 A rule of life

September 19 Where do the wars among you come from?

September 21 Go up into the hill country

September 22 Children, go where I send thee

September 23 Sitting with Paul, waiting for words to share with his friends

September 24 In my Father’s house are many mansions

September 25 Learning to live like a believer

September 26 Joys and sorrows are quickly forgotten, in favor of what is coming next

September 27 Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ

September 28 Sharing my life with Jesus, using two ears and one mouth

September 29 Careful now, there’s angels in that there sky

September 30 Singing a song from the pulpit

September 30 Haiku for every day of September 2021



October 1        Doing the work that we can do

October 2        Stories from the back of the room   

October 3        Let your bending in the Archer’s hand be for gladness

October 4        In the belly, in the belly, Jonah in the belly of the whale

October 5        Sitting up all night with Jonah

October 6        The last of Jonah’s three days and nights at Nineveh, and it’s a good one

October 7        Pursue goodness, truth and beauty. Pursue, pursue, and never stop

October 8        By virtue of my wordy prayers

October 9        Between the alpha and the omega

October 10      Facing up, and giving God time to be with me

October 11      Take courage, put some words out there and listen to what happens next

October 12      If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

October 13      Let’s skip over the judgment thing and just be loved

October 14      Sitting on the couch with John

October 15      Heading south

October 16      Crawdads, black mussels and ice cream

October 17      James and John, bodyguards for Jesus

October 18      Luke is the only one with me          

October 19      The Master is coming, the Master is coming, never give up hope

October 21      Riding along in my automobile

October 22      How then shall we live?

October 23      I’m a little fig tree, short and stout  

October 24      Everything in the lectionary is so positive today, even Jeremiah

October 25      God and our prophetic imagination

October 26      From Texas to Alaska, and back again

October 27      Revelation at sunset beside the pig pen

October 28      Exploring the shadowlands

October 29      I think I can, I think I can

October 30      Happiness runs in a circular motion

October 31      Miles and Jasper’s first sleepover, winding down

October 31      Haiku for every day of October 2021

October 31      Complete list of October 2021 Daily Devotions with links



November 1    Sounding from the dense population of heaven, these words of love

November 2    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures

November 3    A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over

November 4    Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool?

November 5    Night walk

November 6    Red fish, orange fish

Sun Nov 7       La Condesa and Alton Brown at Austin City Limits

November 8    Visiting the International House of Prayer in Kansas City

November 9    How do I catch the wave when I’m waiting for God?

November 10  The University of Austin, Heterodox Academy, and the waterfall

November 11  Your face is all I seek

November 12  Piano music under a big, blue sky

November 13  Living the questions, listening for answers

Sun Nov 14     Consider the birds of the air

November 15  A pound of white beans for the blind man, please

November 16  All day singing around the throne

November 17 On the occasion of my 72nd birthday, thank you Mama

November 18  Children who are truly loved know they are valuable

November 19  Mom’s funeral will be a joyous one, I think

November 20  Heavenly coronation service for Angelina Sandel, 6-30-1922 – 11-10-2021

Sun Nov 21     Working slowly back to the land of the living

November 22  Speaking out to myself, taking a few first steps

November 23  A pilgrim’s progress: seeking to understand Mom’s communion verse

November 24  Margaret’s words on Monday night

November 25 John shows up twice, in the middle of God’s planting season

November 26  Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

November 27  Let the celebrations begin

Sun Nov 28     Join hands and celebrate the birth of Jesus

November 29  Let us climb the Lord’s mountain    

November 30  Let the words of my mouth

November 30  Complete list of November 2021 Daily Devotions with links

November 30  Haiku for every day of November 2021



December 1    The desert gets cold in December, but there’s a fire

December 2    Choosing a narrow gate

December 3    The Lord is my light

December 4    Learning to walk in the dark

December 5    I contain multitudes

December 6    Together again, and the food is still hot     

December 7    Comfort ye my people

December 8    Let it be done unto me

December 9    Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon?

December 10  John shows up twice, in the middle of God’s planting season (revisited)

December 11  Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height and send it soaring

December 12  Rise for the creed, kneel for the prayers

December 13  Leaving a little room for God to love me

December 14  Forgotten among the lilies

December 15  Let the clouds rain down the Just One, and the earth bring forth a Savior

December 16  Though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet

December 17  Devoted pilgrims wander, and settle down to have a baby

December 18  They shall call his name Justice

December 19  Airplane crashes, Advent, and the birth of Jesus

December 20  Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee

December 21  Winter solstice dreams

December 22  There will be time, there will be time

December 23  On the road to Bethlehem

December 24  Lights spectacular in Johnson City

December 25  Up on the housetop, click, click, click

December 26  It’s a wonderful life

December 27  Life … Life!

December 28  She would not be consoled

December 29  Living in the light

December 30  In the beginning was the Word

December 31  I pray the Lord my soul to keep

December 31 Haiku for every day of December 2021

December 31  Complete list of December 2021 Daily Devotions with links


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