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Too small a story

by davesandel on March 27th, 2011

too small a story

where to start the redemption?

with me, of course

my heart, broken and then restored

my point of view, turned over and inside out, opened

my actions, changed

then what?

what is God’s ultimate intention?

blessed to bless

the whole creation waits in eager expectation

go forth – you have the kingdom, so sell what you have, give and give and give

the big picture

waits for me to see

and be

all creation in eager expectation waits

for my arms to open             wide


for my hands to reach out

let go

hold on to any hand I can reach

say yes



God says yes

waits for me to walk into the water for my healing

7 times

70 times 7

forever wet with roaring waterfall

deep calls to deep

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