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Haiku for every day of December

by davesandel on January 19th, 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021                 (today’s lectionary)

 Haiku for every day of December

 Tuesday, December 1

Just some short trips to

Austin, those audio books!

Back and forth I go


December 2

Road weary driver

Gone for Austin once again

Semi truck respect


December 3

drive down concrete road

bisects rich loam and red clay

ignore tomorrow


December 4

We have had no snow

Only winds that blow and blow

Thank you Lord, for this


December 5

One more arrival

Big hugs from Miles, Jasper

Strong family ties


Second Sunday of Advent, December 6, 2020

Sun shines on exas

Darkness falls on Arkansas

Jesus holds us all


December 7

Remember, Andi?

You played your flute for Grandpa

See how he loved you


December 8

Share our common life

Humble turn toward our source

Hear the God in us


December 9

To be listened to

By my friends who listen to

Nectar from our God


December 10

Day before the day

Why am I so darn afraid?

Leave God to his work


December 11

Heart cath miracle?

Will new life rise in my heart

God renews my strength


December 12

Did I do too much?

Today my recovery

Went so quickly!


Third Sunday of Advent, December 13, 2020

Celebrate quiet

light pink candle all alone

Lord have mercy on us


December 14

Chris will be 40

Springfield songs, feast, drive with kids

Share some great stories


December 15

Mice are cold outside

Come in: eat, drink, be merry

Hard to share our home


December 16

Happy Dr. Deem

Thinks my heart will be just fine

But he has shingles!


December 17

I am so happy!

Our chickens get country home

But I will miss them!


December 18

Packing for Austin

Fill Prius for me, Marg flies

Take one step … again


December 19

Gifts, pizza, laughter

Marc and Chris have both grown up

Share Christmas right now


Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 20, 2020

We leave tomorrow

Won’t be back for quite awhile

Thanks, Marc, being here


December 21

How many watched tonight?

Christmas Star, its light so bright

Look up toward Jesus


December 22

Wearing masks, big hugs

Miles sees his first big screen:

The Star, Christmas joy


December 23

Soon I must let go

Christmas won’t last forever

Hold the baby now


December 24

We walked across street

Church has never been closer

Just part of God’s gift


December 25

The first time for us

Early on Christmas morning

Grandkid gifts, such joy


December 26

Just like newlyweds

Setting up our brand new home

Shop until we drop


Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sixty eight degrees

December farmer’s market

Could get used to this!


December 28

Austin’s Trail of Lights

Each tree in blazing color

Sweet to see with kids


December 29

Cold in USA

Snow, wind, ice, don’t be afraid

Tell the homeless that


December 30

Be warm and well fed

That’s easy for me to say

Curling up cozy


December 31

This is the last hour

Of the last day of the year

Marked by co-vid fears


(Hebrews 6, Psalm 111, Ephesians 1, Mark 2)


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