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Haiku for every day of May 2021

by davesandel on June 30th, 2021

Saturday, June 26, 2021                      (today’s lectionary)

Haiku for every day of May 2021

 Saturday, May 1

Rain, rain, endless rain

But morning green grass, playground

Wait and it will change


Sunday, May 2 (Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Grace Holy Land trip

Wistful, we so want to go

Knees and hips say no


Monday, May 3

The Cubs keep winning

Even the Dodgers don’t stop them

I like this a lot!


Tuesday, May 4

Sit still, take some time

Read, write, listen, pray today

And sleep eight hours


Wednesday, May 5

Let’s go fly a kite

Join new friends and sail it high

Look out! Don’t let go


Thursday, May 6

Cool of the evening

Sit outside and breathe in deep

Sweet night in Texas


Friday, May 7

At last the taxes.

The numbers come together

In a rush today


Saturday, May 8

Shop before I leave

Miles’ nanny to the park

Pizza together


Sunday, May 9 (Sixth Sunday of Easter, leaving tomorrow for Illinois)

Walk across the street

Can’t believe that miracle

Sing and pray all day


Monday, May 10

Miles looks up at me

“Can I go to Illinois?”

I want to say YES!


Tuesday, May 11

Huge margarita

Two hours of stories with Marc

Help each other sift


Wednesday, May 12

Hummingbird spins free

Our back yard’s a paradise

Cool air, sun, bird’s songs


Thursday, May 13

Come to Illinois

Open up, touch, love people

It’s worth ev’ry mile


Friday, May 14

hail the Mighty Quinn

the best crab server in town

big tip ev’ry time


Saturday, May 15

Spread more green grass seed

Before seven days of rain

Wait six weeks, then look


Sunday, May 16 (Seventh Sunday of Easter, driving back to Austin)

May run into rain

Leaving the blue skies behind

Sabbath breezes blow


Monday, May 17

Such big hugs greet me

After blinding highway rains

Welcome home, grandpa!


Tuesday, May 18

Afternoon rain storm

Water beats against window

Close my eyes and rest


Wednesday, May 19

We could go fishing

(Forgiving rubber minnows

Grassy practice casts)


Thursday, May 20

Let today unroll

Like the scroll in synagogue

See what happens next


Friday, May 21

Marg’s covid vaccine

She was kind of sick all week

Then felt good today


Saturday, May 22

no vaccine blues for

Marg, but I was sick all day

Huh, you never know!


Sunday, May 23 (Pentecost)
noon naps, me and Miles

Love these quiet Sunday times

Stories, and then sleep


Monday, May 24

First day in the pool

Kids and water, what a joy

A little screaming 


Tuesday, May 25

Shannon, Matt, Houseboat

Easy deep talk, drink, eat, laugh

Even found a snake


Wednesday, May 26

Off to Round Rock Park

Play for All Abilities

Excavator heaven (at local HEB)


Thursday, May 27

School is out today!

Andi’s free and so are we

Catch the wave, new life


Friday, May 28

Game Night, Tomitas

Savage pizza, bbq

Lightning, pouring rain


Saturday, May 29

Memorial Day

Summer reading by the pool

TCM movies


Sunday, May 30

Sick, actually

Throwing up, falling down sick

Get some sleep, silly!


Monday, May 31

Breakfast, sunshine, rest

Feel much better today, so

Glad for holiday

(Genesis 18, Luke 1, Matthew 8)


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