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Haiku for every day of October 2021

by davesandel on October 31st, 2021

Haiku for every day of October 2021


October 1

Don’t- tell-comedy

Upstairs neighbors, their own show

Fun for all of us


October 2

Chance to do nothing

Laundry, submit proofread book

Eat liver, onions


Sunday, October 3

Get packed, loaded up

Last Sunday before we leave

Ten days, Illinois


October 4

Last day with Jasper

This week summer fades away

We will be back soon


October 5

Marg, Austin airport

Left her there and drove away

Trust her to Jesus


October 6

Learn to say hello

Home … Austin? Urbana? Both?

Learn to say goodbye


October 7

Tree fell on our roof

Shower drain leaks through ceiling

But our house still stands


October 8

Ultrasound OK

How much will I miss those kids (Jasper, Miles, Aly, Jack)

When that turns around


October 9

Margaret’s baby day (72)

Zoom songs, Villy in Lincoln

Starting birthday week


Sunday, October 10

Bunny’s – Marc’s new work

Eat sauteed chicken livers

Until they are gone


October 11

Church homes in both states

As we surround each other

Power of God’s love


October 12

Marg’ret’s tooth is fine

Time to get that lovely crown

In we think, Austin


October 13

When was the last time?

Lunch and time to visit John

65 this year!


October 14

Wide, blue Ohio

Pam, two cats, rich memories

Cave-in-Rock, her home


October 15

Evansville, all day

Dot, Kay, Heather, Marc and Chris

Buffet – crawdads dance


October 16

cut down, on the ground

we loved our Kentucky tree

year by year by year


Sun October 17

Highway from Brinkley

Sunday service in the car

Back roads to Waco


October 18

Jasper, Miles, joy

Two full weeks, too long away

Now we get all day


October 19

we get old, wear out

doctors try to slow that down

and I wonder, why?


October 20

We stirred up cookies

Jasper helped with everything

Earl Grey sugar, wow!


October 21

Eye doctor Friday

Too long since new eyeglasses

Blurs and fog begone!


October 22

Bbq and beer

With George and his mom Martha

And Granddog Muffin


October 23

Swim again with kids

Meal at our house, spaghetti

Grandkids, top speed joy


Sun, October 24

How much cool stuff can

You cram into one half hour

Talk, Matt Cassidy?


October 25

Jasper hammers nails

hour at a time, while I

read, write, listen, pray


October 26

Her friends at rehab

Always brighten Marg’ret’s day

One hour twice a week


October 27

Rain pours down all day

Bursting clouds push across sky

Fall come to Texas


October 28

Problems underground

Sink’s stopped up, snake can’t get through

This might take awhile


October 29

Two days miles, jasper

Play, snack, lunch, nap, snack, shop, eat!

Their first overnight 


October 30

Sleepy Trunk and Treat

Woke up for the Dairy Queen

Miles’ favorite place


Sun, October 31

Empty nester’s crowd

New friends again after church

Finished jigsaw too

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