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Haiku for every day of March 2021

by davesandel on April 13th, 2021

Haiku for every day of March 2021

Monday, March 1

Our water is turned on!

Do I dare to eat a peach?

Shower? Dishes? Clothes?

March 2

Houseboat: cigars, beer

Sausage, talk, prayers together

Just boys … wild at heart

March 3

Wild happy Jasper

Flying hair, flying body

Down the curling slide

March 4

Love em and leave em

But we miss you when you’re gone!

Grandparents learning

March 5

Installed 6 way plug

Some confusion with our tools

Partly worked it out

 March 6

Blanton with Andi

P Terry burgers, fries, shakes

Gorgeous sunny day

Sunday, March 7

Solomon’s wisdom

When life turns ugly, do good

Live my “lot” in life

March 8

Google maps and earth

Miles flies to Marc’s then to Chris

Illinois heaven

March 9

Leaving Austin spring

For cold March in Illinois

What are we thinking?

 March 10

Covid letting up?

We plan to see so many

Friends on this short trip

 March 11

Murray friends, Calls’ bed

Bill, Larry, Sherry and us

Around the table

 March 12

Pam came to see us

Evansville, Dorothy, Kay

Packed lots in one day

 March 13

Dewig butcher’s beef

Fill the car, 300 pounds

On this fine spring day

Sunday, March 14

Corned beef and cabbage

With Mom, St. Patrick’s Day

Facetime with Elim (Christian & Adrienne Sandel’s almost 6 month old)

March 15

Sweet time, Jack, Aly

Playing spades, take turns driving

Try to catch the wave

March 16

Back in the saddle

Urbana welcomes us home

House, warm and cozy

March 17

Covid shot today

Walgreens, second in four weeks

Thank you, Illinois

March 18

Ultra-sounds, cat scan

Circulation in my legs

But everything’s fine

March 19

Island Number 10

New Madrid’s short Civil War

River runs so wide

March 20

Early morning hike

Through Hot Springs National Park

Blue skies shine on me

Sunday, March 21

With grandkids, just me

Miles, Jasper want to play

That’s OK with me!

 March 22

Steep mountain lane – honk!

Church camp lodge, down river road

Laity Lodge peace

March 23

My border crossing

Frightened me, I felt so watched

Can I close my eyes?

March 24

Desert Air Motel

Ranch House, Z-Bar Trading Co.

Sanderson, Texas

March 25

Sleeping, hatchback floor

Almost trapped by child locks

Twenty-eight degrees

March 26

New friend – Sonora

Afternoon conversation

Shake off road silence

March 27

West Texas, last day

Today, Marg is flying home

Meeting for a kiss

Sunday, March 28

Construction with Miles

Margaret has a fever

Waiting till morning

March 29

Junior rangers

Eat Mexican tortillas

Blow bubbles all day

March 30

lunch with Houseboat friend

P Terry’s, Tanglewood Park

Such sweet fellowship

March 31

Screaming tornadoes

Tumble down inside the box

Pillows everywhere!

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One Comment
  1. Shannon Reeves permalink

    Hey, I recognize 3/26 and 3/30!
    But i’m not good at Hikus
    so there you have it
    see you soon

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