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Haiku for every day of April 2021

by davesandel on May 11th, 2021

Tuesday, May 11, 2021           (today’s lectionary)

Haikus for every day of April 2021

Thursday, April 1

Triduum begins

Three days of grief, hope, joy

As Jesus rises

Friday, April 2

Why Good Friday?

Jesus dies in such great pain

While his mother weeps


Saturday, April 3

Outdoor fire, bring inside

Vigil readings till midnight

Jesus is alive!


Sunday, April 4

Easter family

Honor Jesus, each other

Love beyond myself


Monday, April 5

Tried to set up tent

Right in living room, but failed

It’s been a long time


Tuesday, April 6

Have “tea” with Andi

On her birthday, thirty-five!

Sit outside with kids

Wednesday, April 7

Strawberry shortcake

Success! We set up our tent

In the living room!

Thursday, April 8

We need a rest day

Sleep longer, smell the roses

Just to catch our breath

Friday, April 9

Today a short trip

Treaty Oak, State graves

Distant Relatives (food truck)

Saturday, April 10

So much to take home

Don’t need electric blankets

In Austin summer

Sunday, April 11

Day before I leave

You can’t go home again

I’m already there


Monday, April 12

Kids turned on car lights

Jump start before I could leave

Exodus to ILL


Tuesday, April 13

From Texarkana

662 to Urbana

Got there just in time (4:15, met Laura at 4:30)


Wednesday, April 14

Second shot! Hooray!!

Japan House cherry blossoms

Best in many years


Thursday, April 15

Stacey loves to eat

So do I! this time at Maize

Flautas and skirt steak


Friday, April 16

Apple dumpling friend

Skyler, there since age 14

Drag racing from 12 (sign: “you’ve been passed by a GIRL!”)


Saturday, April 17

Just too much to do

I missed seeing Mary Lou

Left Urbana late


Sunday, April 18

Morning church in car

Zion and Grace, past, present

I love listening


Monday, April 19

Biscuits and gravy

Hillsboro breakfast at 6

Worth getting up for


Tuesday, April 20

Snow in Urbana

Sunshine here, counsel outside

Like last week in ILL


Wednesday, April 21

Covid frustration

What we can and can’t do yet

This is not over

Thursday, April 22

Marc will be here soon

Long trip alone on the plane

We all need fam’ly

Friday, April 23

Andi’s at midnight

Storms caused six hour delay

but welcome mat is out


Saturday, April 24

Wake up in Austin

Miles and Jasper just love Marc

And he loves them too


Sunday, April 25

Church at Grace with Marc

That reject Christian culture

Brush it off again

Monday, April 26

Big Top, then Chuy’s

Block away, little houses

A million dollars


Tuesday, April 27

Strawberries, horses

Their first time riding lesson

Monument Cafe


Wednesday, April 28

Moby dick’s fishing

Little worm, big largemouth bass

Jasper, Miles, Marc, me


Thursday, April 29 (trip to Hill Country with Marc)

Hiking in the rain

Devil’s Backbone before noon

Coffee on the square


Friday, April 30

Airport in the rain

That sad feel to say goodbye

Marc will be back soon

(Acts 16, Psalm 138, John 16)


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