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Haiku for every day of August 2021

by davesandel on August 31st, 2021

Haiku for every day of August 2021

August 1

it might be hot, but

August won’t be like July:

Marg’s with us again!

August 2

Dr. Lu today

Cardiologist again

So much better now

August 3

Mark takes out PICC line

I’m at Houseboat … Mark gets treat:

Frozen Snickers bar

August 4

Laura’s lasagna

Hits the spot, later the road,

Slides right off the roof!

August 5

Marg’s rehab trip takes

Us into Japanese mall

Fish heads … dollar store

August 6

Bedtime with the kids

Quiet stories, happy sleep

We have time for more

August 7

We work together

Help Andi with her classroom

Jasper sharpens pen (cils)

August 8

Just four foam pieces

For kids Nugget furniture

Those boys will love it!

August 9

Saw Dr. Neely –

Greets us in the parking lot

Felt like family

August 10

Learning rehab ropes

Right time to use the bathroom …

Getting free parking

August 11

Person … procedure

Which comes first … we know what should …

Medical culture

August 12

Ascension values: (Austin hospital)

Reverence, dedication,


August 13

Jasper pits cherries

Cool tool, knock those pits right out

Stem, seed, eat the fruit

August 14

Fine day in the sun

Swimming and lunch with Tomitas

Get on dinosaur!

August 15

We met George at Grace

Houseboat … dinner with Angie

We both need young friends

August 16

One month, home again

42 years, still learning love

Listen with our eyes

August 17

Heart rehab today

OK,  the med world’s scary, but

These good people care

 August 18

Jasper’s red watermelon

Outside – juice all over, laughs

Take bath together

August 19

Recall our wedding

On this day Al preached, then wed

Potluck, kisses, cake

August 20

Steak lunch in Brazil (Estancia)

Pam returns, 10 days this time

Illinois for me

August 21

Early departure

Birds sing, cars roll, highway calls

To Urbana home

August 22

Fair food, family

High above Route 66

Aly, Grandpa rode tram

August 23

Mom forgets I’m here

Kelly, her hero, loves her

She comes every day

August 24

Waiting for blood work

Don’t they open at seven?

It’s seven o five

August 25

So much counseling

At last, friends and family

Bless each other now

August 26

Grill steaks with Marc

Yes, we work well together

He brought some good wine

August 27

Crickets everywhere

Window open, right at home

Small town Illinois

August 28

Lincoln balloonfest

Cones, yogurt, Lansfords, Judge John (BBQ judge)

And spend time with Mom

August 29

New front brakes, oil …

Austin: head on down the road

It’s been a great trip

August 30

Eddie Bauer time

Travex vest and slacks on sale

Welcome to Austin!

August 31

What’s this Austin heat?

Oh desert, come and greet me

With good cold water

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