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Haiku for every day of December 2021

by davesandel on December 31st, 2021

Haiku for every day of December 2021


December 1

Music breaks my heart

Read books, make eggs, drink good juice

Jasper sleeps and sleeps


December 2

Life insurance day

Sit outside with mom’s agent

Why do I feel sad?


December 3

Cookies with the kids

They burst with glee, energy

I want to join them


December 4

Putting kids to bed

Running naked around house

Parents … school party


December 5

Carol of the Bells

Afternoon rain, T-mobile

Two new phones coming


December 6

His eyes. He trusts us.

Jasper’s focus, heart and soul

Joy of the whole earth


December 7

On Pearl Harbor Day

Andi played her flute. Grandpa

Stood, Army vet, proud


December 8

Andi, Aki, Elf

Kids run naked round the house

Some sitters we are!


December 9

Trader Joe’s Christmas

I want one of everything

Fill up three big bags!


December 10

Kites and panettone

Kids, Christmas like bread and butter

Sweet Jasper and Miles


December 11

Handel’s Messiah

Dress up a little fancy

Sing loud with great joy


December 12

Where have the words gone?

I don’t catch them when they fly,

Teasing me … I’m lost


December 13

Asleep in the cart

Jasper rides through Trader Joe’s

So many sweet smiles


December 14

Just remember this

No one is looking at me

Listen, don’t compare


December 15

Night falls. Time to write.

All day talking, listening,

Now, God’s time to speak


December 16

Las Pasadas with

George and his mom, Peace Market

And Deli dinner


December 17

Put the kids to sleep

Telling stories at bedtime

Miles takes his turn too


December 18

North Pole Flyer train

Santa, hot cocoa, real train!

Then food: Farm to Fork


December 19

Let’s talk about this

Let not your heart be troubled

It already is!


December 20

Life in the morning

Let not your heart be troubled

Those words … breath prayer


December 21

Miles, Jasper here

Naptime stories so much fun

Help Andi at school


December 22

Slow day, clean, wrap, write

Marg feels awful though, in pain

In this together


December 23

Hill country lunch, lights

With kids, Mike and Diane (Scheffelin)

So taken care of


December 24

Candles lit in church

We’re all singing together

Vibes, guitar, Noel


December 25

On Jesus birthday

Spent all day with family

Long, sweet, wonderful


December 26

Snow? It’s all out west

Tropical here in Austin

Let’s enjoy it now


December 27

Marg’s crown almost done

Teeth, heart, life, come together

Deep breaths, and move on


December 28

Great time with the boys

They are magic together

Jumping up and down (shout hosanna!)


December 29

San Antonio

Stacey and Meegs in new house

Free Westin Hotel


December 30

S.A. Mus of Art

Japanese Tea Garden peace

82 degrees


December 31

Covid cancelled plans

Move from one year to the next

Canasta at home

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