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Haiku for every day of February 2021

by davesandel on March 12th, 2021

Haiku for every day of February 2021

Monday, February 1

Words, statues bring life

Hill Country picnic with kids

Retired Texas life

February 2

H mart on Tuesday

Not just an Asian pipe dream

Shop until we drop

February 3

5 ounce melamine

Teach him, drink from open cup

Jasper’s always wet

February 4

miss them when they’re gone

sweet kids get inside my skin

count blessings one … two

February 5

black squirrel’s hind legs

they hold him up while he eats

strong without breaking

February 6

Remember Silence …

Could I be a Christian then?

Leave the man alone!

Sunday, February 7

Be where I am now

Dread weather in Illinois

Two deep breaths: relax

February 8

Start on time, drive to

Mt. Pleasant, TX, 10 pm

Sleep sound like a rock

February 9

700 miles

By 2 pm, talk at 3

Keep my eyes open

February 10

Little bit of snow

Ultrasound, lunch with Lansford

Dinner, M & M

February 11

Counseling Thursday

Stay home, let the snow fall down

Worry with the weather

February 12

Crab, shrimp and crayfish

Marc, Myranda eat with me

Cushioned from cold wind (at Jumbo Crab)

February 13

Visit Mom again

Zoom Valentine’s in Austin

Feels like minus 12

Sunday, February 14

Back to Mt. Pleasant

3 pm the snow started

Quality Inn home

February 15

No power, no heat

After seven slow hours

First night stayed with kids

February 16

Second night with kids

Texas is disaster zone

Never been this bad

February 17

Third night with our kids

Our friends want to know our plight

World news, here we sit

February 18

Fourth night with our kids

Heat’s turned on, but water off

How long will this last?

February 19

Friday, sun shining

This will not last forever

Fifth night with our kids!

February 20

Nurs’ry rhyme comes true

Water water everywhere

Not a drop to drink

Sunday, February 21

Met Sandy today

Helping us find fresh water

Joy talking with her

February 22

Catfish Parlour food!

Here since 1973

Get off the highway

February 23

Quiet winter day

Settle into forty days

Lent rests light on me

February 24

Fasting, prayer, alms

Cuddle in right close with God

Learn how to touch him

February 25

Touch God? No! But then …

Being burned is not so bad

Just ask Isaiah

February 26

Met them late at night

Chris, Melissa, Jack, Aly

Quick trip, in Austin!

February 27

All day fam’ly songs

Food, talk, games, walk to the park

Such a lovely day

 Sunday, February 28

How to say goodbye

Grief is love persevering

Back to Illinois

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