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Haiku for every day of January

by davesandel on February 15th, 2021

Monday, February 15, 2021    (today’s lectionary)

Haikus for every day of January

Friday, January 1, 2021    

Austin sun shines again

Bright sky, bright mood, lifts us up

God’s Day rest and joy


January 2

Visit the Calverts

Campus house so long ago

Great to stay in touch


Sunday, January 3

Walk across the street

In our backyard, church we love

Grace at 9:15


January 4

Great day with grandkids

School, lunch, naps, walk, and then a

Pre-school bean bag chair! (from the local Buy Nothing group, picked it up just 5 minutes away)


January 5

Bought a rug last week

Turkish, red, 8 feet around

And we both love it!


January 6

First gingerbread house

Brown, red, white, green, jelly beans

Waits to be eaten!


January 7

Once again, the sun

These are days of quiet joy

Deep down, I relax


January 8

Met neighbor Rosa

Plants cover her patio

She will be our friend


January 9

Installed one bidet

But second – old plumbing broke.

Just one toilet now


Sunday, January 10

Snow storm, fine big flakes

Austin kids can’t believe it

Make back yard snowmen!


January 11

Charles fixed toilet

That I broke last week, then our

Freezer came – I left (for Urbana)


January 12

Furnace dead? Dim lights?

Not how I want to get home

Frank is my hero (and Ameren man)!


January 13

So much to take back

Fourth trip for filled-up Prius

And there will be more


January 14

Read, write, listen, pray

Simple life from dawn to dark

Then it’s time for sleep


January 15

Lansford birthday lunch

Smokers outside at Bunny’s

We kept our distance


January 16

Take your time, David

Eight hours to pack the car

Got to Mom’s at last


Sunday, January 17

Oklahoma roads

Churches full during co-vid

Choctaw casinos


January 18

Biscuits and gravy

Breakfast treat during my trip

Too much black coffee


January 19

Small problems turn big

I think we are both tired

Forgiveness rises


January 20

Bird feeders with Miles

Put them on the patio

Wait for birds to come


January 21

Growing up so fast

Miles almost hurt himself

But still, real tools call


January 22

Pizza outside with

Boys, Andi, cauliflower

Crust, pepperoni


January 23

Ideas float free

Catch on, let one carry me

Don’t keep us on earth


Sunday, January 24

Our kids joy, to teach

And share with other couples

While we watch their kids


January 25

Why not? We should go!

Picnic, Hundred Acre Wood!

Just across the street 


January 26

No, these are not just

Days of wine and roses

Wait for God to heal


January 27

Charles snakes dryer

Kids ride golf cart through puddles

He is leaving soon


January 28

Thomas Aquinas

Finds his way through the wheat field

Leaves behind the straw


January 29

Hold five syllables

In a warm room of my mind

Let them each be born


January 30

Big weekend – car seats!

Farmer’s market, Jimmy Joe

Played guitar – we talked


Sunday, January 31

Mincemeat is very hot

Old English as the sun sets

Dickens sing to me

(Genesis 4, Psalm 50, John 14, Mark 8)


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