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Haiku for every day of June 2021

by davesandel on June 30th, 2021

Haiku for every day of June 2021

Tuesday, June 1

Bright words sing today

like the sun the poem shines

deep inside my soul

Wednesday, June 2

Keep those kids coming

Miles, Jasper bring us life

We’re so much younger

Thursday, June 3

Big front coming through

Pouring rain all day and night

Barefoot I walk free

Friday, June 4

Stop by the ER

Just this once, do it for us

Choose medical help

Saturday, June 5

You are one sick girl

Doctor Martinez speaks up

Better spend the night


Sunday, June 6

It’s never-ending

Uncover new infections

Dig deep to remove


Monday, June 7

Marg’s ambulance ride!

Big hospital for TEE

Seton is the best

Tuesday, June 8

Holy Family

Joseph, Mary and Jesus

Fill quiet chapel

Wednesday, June 9

Walk into the sun

Peaceful third floor atrium

Sit with Marg, be still

Thursday, June 10

words often fail me

sing, joy of my desiring

sweet, this life with God

Friday, June 11

Why do all this work?

Jack, Aly, Miles, Jasper

Live right up to God

Saturday, June 12

sing oh, the water

find a splash pad, go get wet!

Laughing, jump again

Sunday, June 13

Hit the long golf ball

Topgolf Sandels, Tomitas

Miles, Aly learn how

Monday, June 14

In me, Jesus said

“What you do for Margaret

You will do for me


Tuesday, June 15

Each gift you give her

Will enrich you all the more

Each day of your life


Wednesday, June 16

guilt, fear, confusion

at the sound of Jesus’ words

slipped clean, right off me

Thursday, June 17

Two valves plus between

14 hours in OR

Patience comes from God


Friday, June 18

Back in again, short

This time, remove cotton blocks

Mar’gret’s still asleep

Saturday, June 19

New home, ICU

One thousand tubes and wires

Just the beginning

Sunday, June 20

Grace online right here

Matt: wise, funny, loves us tough

Nurses hear him too


Monday, June 21

Beside still waters

Shepherd me into heaven

Let my cup run full


Tuesday, June 22

Friends, friends forever

When the Lord’s the Lord of them

So good to be loved

Wednesday, June 23

Giving of ourselves

Never an easy thing, but still

– the richest moments

Thursday, June 24

Austin covets green

The desert reaches in close

Water – Texas dry


Friday, June 25

Leaving ICU

So long, been good to know you

But all tubes are out

Saturday, June 26

Our Austin skyline

Helipad, ambulances

The view from the top

Sunday, June 27

Listen to the warm:

Grace – yet another Sunday

Hospital morning

Monday, June 28

One day at a time,

That’s all I’m asking from you

Cleanse my heart, Jesus

Tuesday, June 29

No sense going home

My heart’s in the hospital

Waiting for morning


Wednesday, June 30

Let God catch us up

Kiss, touch, fall in love again

So much wiser now

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