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Haiku for every day of November 2021

by davesandel on November 30th, 2021

Haiku for every day of November 2021


November 1

Such a busy month

Visits, birthdays, turkey, trips

Even Alton Brown


November 2

Last day of blue sky

Cool days, happy Texas sun

But rain tomorrow


November 3

C.S. Lewis’ story

Wednesday night at the movies

Surrounded by friends


November 4

Fishing at Grace church

Over low live oak branches

Keep reeling them in


November 5

Food friend, Alton Brown

Big downtown show, food before

Grasshoppers outside


November 6 , Aki’s 37th birthday

We both slept till 9

We did not do much all day

Rest, and rest some more


Sun November 7

Church, another nap

Ribeyes for Aki’s birthday

Those kids, so much fun!


November 8

Jasper Tomita

Can’t get enough of that guy

Helper with big smile


November 9

Cold weather coming

Of course there’s a lot to do

Live the Autumn dream


November 10

Call out of the blue

John: Mom passed away today

Just like that, she’s gone


November 11, Miles’ 5th birthday, visit from Chris/Melissa          

Chris can’t rent a car

Long lines that stream out the doors

We will pick you up!


November 12

in the sun we play

two holidays, three birthdays

decorate our lives


November 13

Sit still, feel sad, now

Waiting for tears that don’t come

God says, give it time


Sun November 14

Pam: don’t comfort them,

That is hard for you, I know

Let them comfort you!


November 15

One last day, Jasper

Runs, plays, talks, sleeps, doctors, tools

We will miss that kid!


November 16, leave for Illinois

Marg flies five hours

I drive fifteen below her

Can she see my car?


November 17, Dave’s 72nd birthday

Light’s on. Checked tires

Drove seven hours, warm home

Michael’s birthday gifts


November 18

Sam finds flat tire

God’s umbrella over me

I am SO grateful!


November 19

Funeral today

Mom spirit breathes around us

If we just listen


November 20

Chance to catch our breath

What it means to live and die

Be still, rest, and wait


Sun November 21

Mom’s house seems empty

Without her we turn left, right

Looking for presence


November 22

Urbana sunset

Window full of red dyed sky

Catch me in the clouds


November 23

I love people, but

Thirty meetings take their toll

Time to be alone


November 24

Turkeys thaw today

Warm, cozy in our beds, but

Winter approaches


November 25 (Thanksgiving Day)

Jack, Aly, growing

Help with the Thanksgiving feast

Chris smoked a brisket!


November 26

Just with Marg at last

Finding time to be ourselves

Search out old caress


November 27

Then, so soon, I leave

Daylight to Texarkana

Marg will fly Tuesday


Sun November 28 (First Sunday of Advent)

Casey and Michelle

While their parents live and die

Came back home: Tyler


November 29

Sweet Jasper’s ankles

Covered with fire ant bites

Quiet but in pain


November 30

Margaret home at eight

Of course her plane could be late

Then nap, cell phone lot

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