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Haiku for every day of September 2021

by davesandel on September 30th, 2021

Haiku for every day of September 2021

September 1

Jasper is tired

Margaret is exhausted

I am tired too

September 2

in this Texas sun

it’s not good to chase our tails

slow down! Now! And rest

September 3

Read curious george

Lunch with Andi, Jasper, Miles

Grilled cheese, melon, naps

September 4

White bed frame for Marg

Bamboo sheets, perfect pillows

Make house feel like home


Sun, September 5

charcoal just won’t light

Aki finished steaks in pan

Nice time together

September 6

Big splash pad cannons

Stand below waterfall roar

We are getting soaked


September 7

Houseboat – men are boys

At heart – broken, healed, stories

Share each other’s lives


September 8

100 degrees

Stay in the house with Jasper

Put together stuff


September 9

No rain for awhile

Gray grass, warm lakes invite me

No, be cold or hot!

September 10

Friday’s we get food

Food not of our own making

It’s more fun that way


September 11

Planes smash Twin Towers

Could have looked at ways for peace

Instead chose revenge (both of “us”)


Sun, September 12

More Grace Church friends

Small group, and we say hello

We’ll get to know you


September 13

Morning has broken

Jasper hurries up the walk

Like the First Morning

September 14

Bulk spices at last

Central Market saves the day

Cardamom! Cloves! Yes!


September 15

Sniff the air, Jasper

We are making carrot bread

And we can’t wait: “Eat!”

September 16

Cemetery walking

Texas heroes everywhere

All those dead bodies


September 17

We get up and go

Monument Café, Aldi

Just the two of us


September 18

Talking among friends

All this religious language

But who else listens?


Sun, September 19

Swim with kids in pool

Family spaghetti meal

Don’t need to count days

September 20

Breakfast with Jasper

Loves to help with everything

Falls asleep at lunch!


September 21

Drive downtown Austin

Met Chuck, Backyard Gang

Local labyrinth

September 22

George helped Jasz make lunch

Feed the birds, knock down boxes

At lunch Jasz asleep


September 23

Summer’s gone! Cool air

Get into the morning sun

Stretch, breathe, fill your lungs

September 24

Kids swim and dinner

Put them to bed with stories

Date for their parents

September 25

Saturday, sleep late

It is very good to rest

Rock-a-bye baby


Sun, September 26

to discuss sermon

After church we circle up

And our stories flow


September 27

Bubbles in the sun

Hull strawberries for our snack

And cook some chicken


September 28

Three inches of rain

Downpour, lightning, thunderclaps

Sat inside and smiled


September 29

Cutting Jasper’s hair

He did not move a muscle

Marg’ret has the touch


September 30

Sirloin on the grill

It gets no better than this

Juice flows through each slice

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