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Complete list of July 2022 Daily Devotions with links

by davesandel on July 31st, 2022

Complete list of July 2022 Daily Devotions with links

 July 1        God is good, all the time

July 2        New wineskins

Sunday July 3             Pears, watermelons, books and Shakespeare

July 4        Touch the hem of his garment

July 5        Bombs bursting in air

July 6        Weddings in Danville

July 7        Together

July 8        Meetings of the mind and heart

July 9        Watch Isaiah, catching fire

July 10      King Lear’s good Samaritan

Sunday July 11           Trust and obey

July 12      Finding our way to Waynesville

July 13      Let the little children come

July 14      Sleeping on the job

July 15      Black coats for Bonaventure, Francis and me

July 16      Christmas in July

Sunday July 17           A letter from Dad to his sister

July 18      What does the Lord require of me?

July 19      I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God

July 20      Ever in transition that we cannot control

July 21      Charlie Parker’s pancakes

July 22      Open prison doors, set the captives free

July 23      Gather the wheat into my barn

Sunday July 24           Story-telling for all of us

July 25      Bringing in the sheaves

July 26      Poems from the edge of the world

July 27      Meeting Jeremiah at the fair. Fancy that!

July 28      Seeing in the Kingdom of heaven

July 29      An intervention in Bethany

July 30      Twas the night before Christmas

Sunday July 31           Number my days aright

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